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Forward Operations Grip
  • Blocks heat transfer from handguard rail to hand
  • Snap-in wire positioning for pressure plate retention
  • Provides forward stop hand assist to support push and pull recoil management method
  • Mirrors thumb forward impression of pistol support grip
  • Displaces kinetic energy in support of recoil management
  • Off-axis grip parallel to the bore axis
  • Pressure plate pad designed to fit:
    • PEQ15 L3 Pressure plate switch
    • Stream-light single point, pressure plate switch
    • Sure-fire pressure plate switch

Thumb Forward Pistol Support Grip

The F.O.G. patented grip enables the replication of the pistol support hand grip. 

Various Hand Grip Positions

Multiple hand grips provide superior ergonomics; ensuring weapon accuracy, comfort, and control, while reducing fatigue to your support hand and arm.