Ergonomics Redefined

  • Upgrade your rifle and enhance your ability. Our ergonomic hand grip is designed to deliver unparalleled comfort and control. 
  • FOG’s natural position mirrors the pistol support hand grip, building muscle memory and consistency. It also offers convenient thumb-forward placement for a weapon light/laser switch. 

Tactical Advantage

  • Enhance your firearms' capabilities with our rails, mounts, and tactical add-ons. From flashlights to bipods, Contour Tactics tactical accessories ensure you're always prepared. 
  • FOG provides better ergonomics, comfort, and stability, giving you more control over your firearm. 
  • FOG provides superior accuracy, improved ergonomics, and reduced recoil. 

Customization at Its Finest

We understand that every shooter is unique, and your firearms should reflect that. 

Rigorous Testing

  • Our products undergo extensive testing to ensure the highest quality and safe operation. This includes testing for durability, impact resistance, and reliability under a wide range of environmental conditions. 
  • Superior ergonomic design ensures weapon accuracy, comfort, and control while reducing fatigue to your support hand and arm.