Contour Tactics approach to product development comes with multiple combat tours with the US Army, State, and OGA.

We found that Lights Lasers and handguards could be all-encompassing for a more compact design allowing the end-user ergonomic comfort and control. Our AR rifle grips were designed just for that.

We provide the end-user with equipment designed and tested in the field through practical applications. Those results provided by our military special operations and tactical law enforcement drive our platform design and capabilities for performance.

Our current platform for our AR rifle grip is a cross-over from the pistol support hand grip thumb forward to the AR rifle support hand, keeping with muscle memory under stress. A simplistic platform.

We stand behind our military and law enforcement while keeping us safe at home and overseas.

  • Shaping Equipment for The MissionWe test our products in the field using conventional practices with the user in mind. Our brand signifies the developing tactics that Shape Life's Mission for success.
  • Together we make a difference. A portion of all proceeds support our charitable foundations. Thank you for your support.